Sales of Security Equipment

We sell high quality security equipment from the world’s trusted security brands name:navigation

  • BOSC
  • JVA
  • CP Plus
  • CellSecure
  • Vivotek
  • etc

Technical Support

Support is offered Monday through Friday 8AM to 5PM

Maintenance Tips:

Care and maintenance of security solution system is key to longevity and success of the system. With some small guidelines and tips you can ensure your system keeps on performing as desired. This section discusses few vital points:

  • Clean the exterior of the enclosure using a soft brush, air can or damp cloth. For greasy accumulations, use warm soapy water and dry off the housing with a micro-fiber cloth.
  • Open the enclosure and inspect it closely for insect eggs, spider webs or nest material. Clean the inside of the housing with a soft brush, air can, or damp cloth — taking care not to rub dirt onto the camera itself, especially the lens.
  • Check the wiring in the enclosure to ensure its insulation is intact and has not deteriorated for any reason, correcting any problem found.
  • Once in a while, you may find that a lens has a fingerprint or other smudge. Use a lens-cleaning pen or cloth, as ordinary cleaning materials may scratch the lens or damage protective coatings.